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Hotel Selecting Criteria

June 2, 2006

Criteria for Selecting Hotel


Every person has different criteria while selecting hotel. But few basic and common things are:

Hotel must be very clean and hygienic.

Hotel should be safe by all means.

Hotel expanses should be under budget and there should always be a option of cheap hotel.

Some people give special attention to toilet and bathroom.

The whole purpose of hotel is to have a comfortable and well arrange room for taking rest and sleep after having a busy day. It may be business tour, private tour, holiday tour with family or group tour you need a convincing hotel.


Some hotels gives smart packages to tourists and visitors. These Packages very tour to tour, like if you are on holiday tour you can get free accommodation or half rate accommodation for your kids, If You are in long business tour you can also get discount on hotel bills.


It’s better to compare some hotel’s packages available in your best suited category.


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